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2011 CIM-61850 Interop
28 March - 1 April, 2011
EDF R&D - Paris, France

The 2011 UCAIug Comprehensive Interoperability Test are designed to test various components of the CIM and 61850/61968.  The CIM-61850 on-site IOP tests will be hosted by EDF R&D  from March 28th to April 1st  and sponsored by "EDF R&D Spring of Research".   CIM on site IOP tests will test 61968-13 and 61968-4.
In parallel remote IOP be tests will be conducted for part 61968-3, 61968-6 using 61968-1-1 and 61968-1-2. All these tests will leverage 61968-11 and 61970-301 CIM information model. This IOP will be include tests for:



61968-3 Network Operations
The WG14 sub-team for network operations use cases seeks to test CIM-based messaging between control-room operations solutions at the 2011 UCAIug comprehensive interoperability tests, March 28 in Paris. The team is pursuing an iterative approach to CIM standards development, with the goal of streamlining the process and insuring success at the UCAIug interop tests.


61968-3 Network Initialization

Model initialization is necessary if either the GIS or the DMS are new to the organization.  No synchronization has yet occurred between systems. Therefore, an export of the entire electric network from GIS is required.



61968-6 Maintenance & Construction

The IEC 61968 Part 6 standard specifies the messages that can be used to support business functions related to Maintenance and Construction. This can include planned maintenance, unplanned maintenance, conditional maintenance, work management, new service requests, etc. For the purposes of the March interop test, priority has been placed on the integration between work management systems (WMS) and utility enterprise applications using standardised work request messages.


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 2011 CIM-61850 IOP - Paris

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